Should you wear a flower crown for your wedding or proposal?

November 19, 2020

Should you add some flare to your wedding day or proposal shoot by wearing handmade flower crowns? We say yes!

If 2020 has taught us anything, it’ that there are no longer any rules for your wedding to follow. With large restrictions being placed on soon to be married couples, it’s no surprise that weddings have taken on a different feel than what we are traditionally used to.

From the privacy of a backyard, a local park, or even on the sidewalks, there are no boundaries to ones imagination on where to hold your wedding this year. And although this blog won’t be breaking any sort of grounds by telling our readers about a well known style of the flower crown, we believe it’s something that should be worth investigating when choosing how to style the bride or bride-to-be because in 2020/21, things have been so heavily dressed down its time to dress it back up!

Shyani and myself love botanical’s, from the stunning floral arrangements on the reception tables, to the beautiful bouquet’s of the bride and her bridesmaids. (check out our blog on How To Photograph A Wedding Bouquet here) there is always a pleasant feeling one gets when surrounded by beautiful flowers.

As mentioned, much of 2020 has seen the emergence of the small outdoor wedding, ones that are carried out in a tucked-away park or or under the trees of secluded part of a forest with close friends and family. Attire at these weddings, bridal and guest, have taken on a less formal route, with more brides opting for cheaper wedding dress solutions, finding non-traditional, but still wedding-esque gowns to walk down the aisle (or sidewalk) too.

This gives a perfect opportunity to opt for the flower crown to emphasise the wedding gown, all while tying in your look with the surrounding leafy parklands, while matching in with your bouquet or the grooms boutonnière.

Jira is wearing this simple yet strikingly handmade flower crown that was crafted together by Martine in a matter of minutes, all flowers bought locally from a general florist in the eastern suburbs of Sydney.

This is a perfect option for anyone looking to save money on their flowers yet still look amazing on their big day. Whats great about this option is that it can save time on your hair as well. By wearing a flower crown, you have the option to leave your hair out, letting the botanicals do all the talking, saving you time and money in the morning preparations.

But what if your wedding isn’t on a budget, what if you plan to be wearing a beautiful handmade gown by LOUISE ALVAREZ COUTURE  as worn by Camila Da Silva below? It still absolutely works!

Camila looked incredibly elegant on the day, a lot of which that came down to her matching bouquet and flower crown created by FLOWER STORIES which really put this ensemble together. Again, with a flower crown, it allowed our bride to wear her hair down, only slightly teased, which is a great option for longer hair without the fuss of a stylist.


Keep the flowers in the fridge until the very last minute, only get them out when creating the crown and wearing it.

Keep your flower crown light and simple, it needs to last the day

Make tiny bunches of flowers before attaching it to the crown

Measure your heads circumfrance before creating

Use florists tape to cover the floral wires and stems of the flowers

You can make a half flower crown and can tie it to a ribbon which can be tied around your head if you don’t want a full one.

You can wrap foliage or greenery around the base of the flower crown

Some of our favourite flowers to use; Babies Breath, Spray roses, Dusty Miller, Silver Dollars

Proposals and pre-wedding shoots are also perfect ways to bring a little something more to your photographs. Amandi’s flower crown was created by our very own Shyani. The flower crown consisted of Roses, Babies Breath and Silver Dollars all bought from a local supermarket and constructed that morning before the shoot. It really adds that little flair which ties in incredibly well to the surrounding woodlands in Centennial Park, Sydney.

If you are looking to add some flair to your to your wedding or pre-wedding day, we absolutely recommend looking into creating yourself a crown, just remember to go light and go simple!