FLEUR FAMILY | family portaits at Sandon Point, Bulli | Wollongong

November 14, 2020

Sandon Point, Bulli | Wollongong

The 2019/20 bushfires destroyed so much of the beautiful south coast that we consider our second home, all while killing so many of the vulnerable wildlife that occupy the countless acres of bush land. As such, we donated 20% of our photography earnings for December and January and adopted an injured koala for rehabilitation. 🐨❤️

We also wanted to raise more money, so we teed up with the National Bushfire Disaster Appeal to allow people to bid on a family photo shoot from us. 100% of funds raised went to National Bushfire Disaster Appeal by S. Army & Bendigo Bank! 

Due to Covid and other setbacks, we finally squeezed in the photoshoot at Sandon Point in Bulli, Wollongong on Saturday with such a warm, friendly and fun family! Moments Photography & Film.

There is still so much that can be done, so please, donate what ever you can as 100% of all  donations will be directed to communities in need.

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