SARAH & MURRAY | wedding photography at Panorama House, Bulli Tops | Wollongong

October 10, 2020

Panorama House, Bulli Tops | Wollongong

The wedding that almost wasn’t, firstly we have to say thank you to the amazingly zen-like calmness that our bride Sarah displayed during this wedding.  Not only had her original wedding plans from early in the year been completely downsized and re-worked to new locations and dates due to Covid-19, but she also had to deal with us and a dreaded bush-fire at their Wollongong Wedding ?.

On our journey to the wedding ceremony, we were stuck on a highway for 90 mins to travel less than 1km due to an out of control bushfire that swept across the highway.  We made the dreaded call to our lovely bride to advise her of the bad news, that we may not make it (something we have never remotely come close to ever missing) to which she seemed so composed and explained, that these things happen.  However, luck was on our side! the police reopened the roads and we made it with 5mins to spare!

After this, the day went without a hitch!  A gorgeous sunny midday wedding took place at Panorama House at Bulli Tops, just south of Sydney, that has the most amazing views overlooking the greater Wollongong region and the Pacific Ocean. Followed by the bridal party taking a short bus trip to Cataract Dam for all their key photos.  The direct sun from above proved a challenge, but the stunning location with a crew willing to sweat it out , the photos came out just perfectly!

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