NATHLENE & DANIEL | wedding photography at Gather By The Hill, Gerringong & Berry | NSW South Coast

November 4, 2023

A Rainy Romance: Nathlene & Daniel’s Unforgettable Wet Wedding Adventure in Berry

Love has a funny way of defying expectations, and Nathlene and Daniel’s wedding day was no exception. Set against the charming backdrop of Berry, a picturesque country/coastal town on the NSW South Coast, their celebration was a testament to the unpredictability of weather and the joy that can be found in embracing the unexpected.

The day began with a heartfelt ceremony at St Patrick’s Catholic Church in Berry. Despite the constant downpour, the atmosphere inside the church was warm and filled with laughter. As the newlyweds emerged into the rainy streets of Berry, they found an unexpected backdrop for some fun and quirky photos at the iconic Berry Donut Van.

The couple’s choice of a Volkswagen Beetle as their wedding car added a touch of vintage charm to the day. Clear umbrellas became both a necessity and a stylish accessory as Nathlene and Daniel took their first portraits, capturing the essence of their love and laughter in the midst of raindrops.

Gerringong’s Gather By The Hill restaurant played host to their intimate reception, offering a perfect setting for family and close friends to share in the joy of the newlyweds. The celebration continued as the rain conitinued to pour down, not stopping anyone from venturing back to Berry for the remainder of their portraits.

Strolling through the streets of Berry, Nathlene and Daniel, along with us discovered hidden gems, from pastures with grazing cows to trees adorned with vibrant red and purple flowers. Each element added a burst of color to the otherwise gray day, creating a stunning contrast in their photographs.

What truly set Nathlene and Daniel’s wedding apart was the spirit of fun that permeated every moment. Their willingness to embrace the rain resulted in a portrait shoot filled with laughter, puddle jumping, and even some creative elements like coloured smoke and silly animal masks. The images captured the genuine joy of a couple unafraid to get a little wet for the sake of extraordinary photos.

The adventure continued at The Berry View, their wedding accommodation, a boutique retreat that beautifully complemented the throwback theme with its orange and white decor. The couple seized the opportunity for some unique shots, including a playful session in the bath while sipping on champagne.

In the end, Nathlene and Daniel’s wet weather wedding showcased the beauty that can arise when love meets spontaneity. Their ability to find joy in every moment, whether in the rain-soaked streets of Berry or the cozy confines of The Berry View, resulted in a celebration that was not only unforgettable but also a true reflection of their love story—a story filled with laughter, color, and a willingness to dance in the rain.

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