YING, DANE & RIVER | family portaits at Collins Beach, Manly | Sydney

March 18, 2023

Collins Beach, Manly | Sydney

Sunsets and happy families, what a lovely way to spend an afternoon at Collins Beach in Manly with Ying, Dane and River for family portrait photography.

As the sun was beginning to set over the Northern Beaches of Sydney we started the family portrait photography session in Little Manly Point Park for some much needed shade from the beating hot Sydney sun. We really love to keep our outdoor family portrait photoshoots candid, relaxed and fun, just a day out in the park (literally). The approach is to always use the sun to our advantage, only using natural light photography to really shine through on to our subjects.

Once the sun dipped down into golden hour Golden Hour, (the most magical light for portraits) we took a short bush track walk over to Collins Beach and dipped our toes into the Sydney Harbour water for some truly magical light-and-airy photography that Ying and Dane will cherish forever.

Little River was such a trooper and so well behaved, we were both so impressed. As a family they had such an amazing connection and were truly naturals in front of camera on what was a beautiful and easy going afternoon to share with them.

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