Why you should have pre-wedding / engagement photography sessions!

May 26, 2021

We were a part of a discussion on a Facebook group where a future bride asked “how do I know if my photographer is a good fit?” Most people chimed in and said “have an engagement session first!” And I wholeheartedly agree!

If you are not someone who is used to the camera (I am definitely not used to being in front of the camera myself ), a pre-wedding or engagement photography sessions is a perfect way to get used to being photographed.

  • Be Creative! they are a perfect way to be unique and have some fun, you can wear something you wouldn’t usually wear (enormous pink tulle skirt anyone? no? just me?)
  • Locations! You can go anywhere. Is there somewhere special to you as a couple? Or you’ve always loved the beaches of Cronulla, the pine Forrest of Centennial Park but you’re not getting married anywhere near the ocean? This is the perfect opportunity to go to the mountains, forest, cliff tops or even lavender fields if you so desire (can somebody please request this? asking for myself)

  • Weather is not an issue! If it’s raining on your planned session date – we can reschedule, however, we are surprisingly waterproof and so are our cameras, so if you don’t mind getting a little wet, neither do we!
  • Celebrate! simply celebrate your engagement, because why not? You can capture yourselves madly in love before you embark on your greatest adventure.
  • Practice! You can practice your posing with your partner. Most of us aren’t used to being in front of the camera and this can be daunting. As the session progresses, the nerves will melt away and you are left having so much fun (and laughing a lot!)
  • Get to know your photographer. This is such a huge bonus! You will be with your photographer and videographer (and each other) the most on your wedding day, from getting ready to waving goodbye at the end of the day. Wouldn’t this be so much more special if they are not complete strangers?  it also helps the photographer get to know you, your unique styles or if you have a preferred “side”.
  • Pets! Yes – that is all, YES.
  • Trial hair and makeup. Most of our couples align their engagement session with their hair and makeup trial, this is a perfect way to make it even more special.

Best of all when everything is said and done you have become familiar with your photographers techniques, you will learn some base poses that will instantly make you look like a model and will have some amazing photos to share with family and friends to cherish forever!