VICKIE & BUP YOUNG | wedding videography at Jonah’s Restaurant & Boutique Hotel, Palm Beach | Sydney

May 31, 2023

Jonah’s Restaurant & Boutique Hotel, Palm Beach | Sydney

That sounds like a lovely setting for a small and intimate wedding! Jonah’s Restaurant & Boutique Hotel at Palm Beach is a beautiful surfside retreat overlooking Sydney’s Northern Beaches. The clifftops and autumn leaves provide a picturesque backdrop for capturing memorable portraits on their special day.

With the sunny weather and scenic views, Vickie and Bup Young’s lunchtime wedding was a delightful affair. The intimate setting created a warm and cozy atmosphere for them both and their wedding guests with the drinks flowing freely and the laughs (and tears) a plenty.

At Jonah’s Restaurant, we were served a delicious cuisine prepared with care and attention to detail. The boutique hotel offered comfortable accommodations for the bridal prep with light and airy rooms for perfect videography.

As time was short on this wedding for portraits we made use of the surrounding areas of the hotel including some slowmotion clips on the front yard of home amidst the autumn leaves.

Throw in some stunning drone videography of Whale Beach and we were left with a lovely wedding film for Vickie and Bup Young.