TINA & PAUL | portrait photogaphy at Paddington Reservoir / Martin Place | Sydney

November 10, 2018

Paddington Reservoir / Martin Place | Sydney

We were so delighted and honoured to be asked to capture Trash to Treasured‘s Tina and her fiancé Paul’s pre wedding photos.

Tina had her hair and makeup done by Nikki Arora and styled her own outfit.

Tina loves a more urban feel to her photographs so we started off in Martin Place in the heart of Sydney – this place is usually bustling with crowds during the working week but on the weekends, it is pretty dead. The historic sandstone buildings made the perfect backdrop for Tina’s vision.

We moved on to Angel Place, one of the tiny side streets around Martin Place – we love quirky cobblestone alleyways and finding unique spots for photos.

Our favourite part was the adorable old school light in the alley – which was turned on! It felt like being transported through time. Some of the sandstone was hand carved by the early settlers and you can see the markings.

We then moved on to Paddington Reservoir where Tina changed into a stunning two piece couture red beaded skirt and top by Gather and Stitch Couture. She wore is so well!

We had to fight for space and you would never have thought that in the time we were there, FOUR weddings (and possibly a funeral) went through the gardens. Simon did his best to hide them in the video but Shyani had to do some major photoshopping.

This is one of our favourite engagement sessions.

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