REBECCA & DEAN | wedding photography at the Manly Yacht Club | Manly | Sydney

January 28, 2024

Capturing Love in a Micro Wedding: Rebecca and Dean’s Intimate Affair in Manly

In the heart of Manly, overlooking the glistening waters of East Manly Cove Beach, Rebecca and Dean embarked on a journey of love in an intimate micro wedding. As photographers privileged to witness their union, we captured the essence of their special day, from heartfelt vows on the Manly Yacht Club’s balcony to carefree moments under the summer sun.

A Balcony Affair at Manly Yacht Club

The scene was set on the balcony of the Manly Yacht Club, where the couple exchanged vows surrounded by only their two witnesses, a celebrant, and our lenses documenting every emotion. With the summer sun casting a warm glow, Dean’s celebratory gesture of releasing his hair from a bun marked the beginning of their joyous celebration. Glasses of prosecco clinked as we reveled in the love shared between the newly wedded couple.

Strolling Through East Esplanade

Exiting into the vibrant East Esplanade, we embraced the hot afternoon sun and lush greenery. Against the backdrop of Manly Cove, Rebecca and Dean’s love shone through in every frame. Dodging families enjoying the summer afternoon, we embarked on a journey that showcased the couple’s love amidst the beauty of the surroundings.

Fun and Frolic at Manly Pavilion

Manly Pavilion at Manly Cove became the canvas for our next chapter, where we captured the couple in playful moments along the esplanade walkway. Amidst families enjoying the summer sun, our lenses froze these moments of joy and love.

Clifftop Views at Federation Point

Ascending to Federation Point, the clifftop views framed Sydney City in the background. Against this breathtaking backdrop, Rebecca and Dean’s love story continued to unfold, each snapshot a testament to the beauty of their union.

ICMS: A Romantic Interlude

A quick journey to the beautiful ICMS in Manly provided the perfect setting for romantic photos under sandstone buildings and amid lush gardens. Each photograph captured the essence of the couple’s connection in this picturesque location.

Sandy Adventures at Delwood Beach

The energetic photos at Delwood Beach, with the couple running on the sand, reflected the carefree spirit of Rebecca and Dean. Their journey continued, immortalized in the golden hues of the setting sun.

Final Moments at Collins Beach

Our last stop at Collins Beach marked the conclusion of this micro wedding. Under the beating sun, we captured the final moments, ensuring every detail of their special day was preserved for a lifetime.

In retrospect, Rebecca and Dean’s micro wedding was a joyous adventure, a portrait-heavy celebration of love. Every photograph tells a story, and every memory is a treasure, a testament to the magic of their intimate affair in Manly.

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