JESS & BEN | wedding photography at Taronga Zoo, Mosman | Sydney

November 18, 2023

Wild Love: Jess and Ben’s Spectacular Taronga Zoo Wedding Adventure

Embark on a wild journey with us as we recount the enchanting wedding tale of Jess and Ben. Their love story unfolded against the breathtaking backdrop of Sydney’s iconic Taronga Zoo, promising a day filled with love, laughter, and unforgettable moments.

Bridal Preparations: While Ben and his groomsmen prepared for the big day at a charming home, Jess and her bridesmaids enjoyed a unique and unforgettable bridal prep experience at Taronga Zoo’s Wildlife Retreat. Surrounded by the playful Kangaroos, Jess had the perfect view to enhance the excitement and beauty of the morning.

Ceremony on the Gili Rooftop: The couple exchanged vows on the Gili Rooftop at Taronga Zoo, boasting stunning views of the Sydney Harbour. The pristine blue skies served as the perfect backdrop for this extraordinary location, creating a wedding ceremony that was nothing short of magical.

Zoo Portraits and Golf Cart Adventures: Following the ceremony, we explored the zoo for portraits, making the most of the lush surroundings. Although we couldn’t capture photos with the animals due to other events, we hopped on golf carts, whisking Jess and Ben through the picturesque landscape. The result: a collection of beautiful, candid moments amidst the unique charm of Taronga Zoo.

Reception at The N’galawa Terrace: The celebration continued at The N’galawa Terrace, offering more stunning views of Sydney. The festivities included lively wedding games, impromptu family dances, emotional speeches, and a show-stopping sparkler exit that lit up the night.

Jess and Ben’s Taronga Zoo wedding marked the perfect end to 2023, capturing the essence of their love amidst the wild beauty of Sydney. Stay tuned for more tales of love, laughter, and unique wedding adventures captured through our lens!

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