ALICE & MELVIN | wedding videography at Pier One, Walsh Bay | Sydney

October 13, 2023

Love in the Heart of Sydney: Alice and Melvin’s Unforgettable Wedding Film

Welcome to our latest enchanting wedding tale, featuring the delightful union of Alice and Melvin. This celebration of love took us on a captivating journey through picturesque locations in Sydney, creating timeless memories against the stunning backdrop of the iconic Sydney Harbour.

Bridal Preparations: Melvin and his groomsmen started the day surrounded by the warm glow of natural light in a stunning home, setting the stage for candid and lighthearted moments. Meanwhile, Alice and her entourage enjoyed the luxurious ambiance of The Langham Hotel. Here, amidst laughter and excitement, Alice radiated sheer elegance as she donned her wedding dress.

Ceremony at Pier One’s Bridge: The radiant Sydney sun accompanied Alice and Melvin throughout their special day, casting a mesmerizing sparkle over the Sydney Harbour. The ceremony, hosted at Pier One’s Bridge in Walsh Bay, unfolded practically under the Sydney Harbour Bridge. The “I dos” were followed by a confetti-filled exit that was nothing short of spectacular.

Tea Ceremony and Film Tour: Post-ceremony, the couple embraced tradition with a quick change into their tea ceremony attire. Walsh Bay and The Rocks served as the enchanting backdrop for candid and breathtaking wedding videography, capturing the essence of their love against the charming streets and historic architecture.

Reception at Pier One’s Water Room: The festivities continued at Pier One’s Water Room, where the atmosphere was filled with drinks, laughter, and infectious dancing. Alice and Melvin’s meticulous planning ensured a stress-free wedding day, allowing everyone to let loose and savor the joyous celebration.

Alice and Melvin’s wedding day was a perfect blend of elegance, tradition, and pure fun. From the stunning preparations to the lively reception, every moment was a testament to their thoughtful planning and the joy they shared. Stay tuned for more tales of love and laughter captured through our lens!

You can also check out Alice and Melvin’s pre-wedding portraits at Lincoln’s Rock in Wentworth Falls.