Photography workshops

As professional photographers & videographers we are passionate about creating lasting memories for our clients. Like any creative, we both started photography during a time when the only digital cameras we knew were the basic point and shoot ones (Pink Sony Cybershot anyone? 🙋) 

Before we even considered shooting weddings, we each started out with an independent love of photography before we met - in fact, this is what brought us together. Today, we travel all over the country and overseas to photograph weddings. Photography allows us to have a creative outlet while continuing to pursue our passion.

We both had our own businesses and dabbled in nearly every area of photography, from red carpets, runways, editorial fashion shoots, nightclubs and newborns. Some of our earlier work is extremely embarrassing (but we like to revisit these photos to reminisce about our photography journey).

We loved photography so much that we read every article, watched every YouTube video and studied photography in class. We bought different cameras, lenses, flashes, light boxes, studio equipment and props. We dragged our (wonderful) friends around and forced them to "model" for us and each shot our first wedding for a measly $500. We were chuffed that anyone would even pay us for our work.

Fast forward 8 years for Shyani and 15 years for Simon and we have not lost this passion - in fact, we are still growing, learning and expanding our knowledge and experience further. One of our favourite things to do together is spend our nights editing photos while excitedly comparing shots and reliving the shoot. We break down and analyse each and every image and look at what we can do to improve it - this is how we learn and hopefully how you will learn too. We have experience shooting editorials, fashion shows, advertisements, newborns, families, couples and weddings.

We hope to fast track your photography journey by teaching you everything we know! 

If you're looking for the perfect gift or just want to expand your knowledge, we offer two-on-one 3-6 hour tailored workshops that incorporate both theory and practical knowledge. We also have opportunities for you to come along and experience what its like to be on a professional photoshoot.

If you are interested, our packages start at $300, so get in touch and we will take your photography to the next level!

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