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frequently asked questions

What is your photography style?
We love natural light and will use it as much as possible to achieve a soft, bright and airy look., shooting  a mix of journalistic and cinematic documentary style images. We like to observe, anticipate and document the day as it unfolds, allowing for as many natural and candid moments as possible to take place. We strive for consistency in our editing and shooting style, giving each photograph a clean and timeless look. We achieve this by matching our digital images to our FUJICOLOR PRO 400H 120 film scans. The colours lean towards a cyan and green base colour that is true to the Fuji 400h Film. One of the reasons we gravitate toward this aesthetic of Fuji 400H in our digital prints is for its pastel skin tones and unique minty colouring of foliage.

We encourage all of our clients to read our blog on our style to make sure we are the right fit for you.

Looking for answers for how we operate?  We have put together some of the most common questions we receive that might answer your questions!

Are you available to travel overseas? 
Yes! we absolutely love destination weddings and we travel all the time. We offer special discounted rates for overseas weddings. 

When do you photograph Family portrait and Love Bird (pre-wedding) sessions?
We hold family and pre-wedding portrait sessions Monday-Thursday at the last hour of light.  We do this to ensure that you receive the best photos possible.

What happens if its going to rain on the Family or Love Bird sessions?
We are flexible and would move these to another date if it looks like the weather is going to be too wet.

How do you feel about LGBTQ marriages?
We both 100% believe that any two people in love having the right to be married!

What type of cameras do you use?
We both use professional grade camera bodies and lenses. Shyani shoots Canon, while Simon shoots Nikon - this gives us the best of both worlds and we love it!

Do you do videography?
YES! Simon is the videographer and at the moment we offer up to 4K Cinematic Short Films for any wedding.

How far are you willing to travel?
We are based in Sydney and LOVE destination weddings both within Australia and around the world.

How many photos do we receive?
Each wedding & portrait session is different and it will depend on whether you have booked one or two photographers. We do not impose a limit on the number of photos taken/delivered. You can expect approximately 500-700 photos for full day wedding & 50-100 for family / portrait sessions.

What is involved in your editing process?
We shoot Raw image files, meaning we need to professionally edit each one to provide consistency to match Fujicolor 400h film. We do not airbrush any photos (and will only re-touch when absolutely necessary) because we like to keeps things as natural as possible. Every single digital image you receive will be adjusted individually for colour grading, white balance, and sharpened for printing, you can read more about our editing style on our blog.

When will our photos be ready?
We will provide you with a sneak peek within a few days of the wedding and an online gallery within 3 -4 weeks. We will deliver your USB/Keepsake box with the final images within 4-6 weeks.

How long do you keep our images?
We will keep your images backed up for 6 months after we deliver the USB. We recommend that you backup your images onto another device or Cloud storage immediately upon arrival.

Can we print or share our photos?
You receive printing rights with our high resolution digital files which allows for personal use. Example: you can print the photos to keep for yourself, share with friends and family, to make albums and post of social media.

How much time do I need to allocate for pictures on my wedding day?
We always prefer to have more time than less to take bridal portraits during a wedding. It all depends on the wedding timeline – we always try and allocate at least 2 hours for this, but generally we’d like to spend about 30 minutes taking family photos, 30 minutes for photos with the bridal party and 30 minutes for photos of just the couple and another 20-30mins with the couple when the sun is setting. We also try and time these photos so we are able to use the beautiful soft light in the last 2 hours of the day if possible.

Will you be sharing our wedding on social media?
Yes, we will be posting up our selected favourite images from the day onto our website, Facebook and Instagram. We may also be submitting the wedding to a wedding magazine/blog for publication if you permit us to do so.

Do we choose our own music in our videos?
Due to Copyright laws we can only use licienced music for your video. As such, and to showcase the best video from your wedding, Moments Photography has full creative control of music through MusicBed.com .  This allows us to keep constancy in our films that you love.